Congratulations to our Sustainability Team!!

25 Feb 2021

We may not be the biggest but looking back at our latest review, some of the projects and wins they can be proud of initiating include :

Print room Programme to fully convert to LED technology
Carbon reduction by nearly 400 tonnes last year
New High Efficiency Compressors
600 Tonnes sent out for Recovery last year
Zero to Landfill Programme
Waste Segregation
Recycling of dry mixed goods
Full Pallett recycling
FSC Accreditation
PEFC Accreditation
Policy for all company cars to be Hybrid technology
Supplier Innovation Programme trialling new materials including:
-Paper based Forest PP
-Recycled PE and PP
-Think Thin range
-PCR range
-FSC range

Steve Makin (Business Improvements Manager) commented could we have done more “ Certainly”. Did we achieve all our goals fully “ Definitely not” but we are in a far better place as a business and will continue to drive forward on these initiatives.

Some of the projects already on the table being evaluated for 2021 include-

Foil Recycling Programme
ISO 14001 – Environmental Accreditation
Biomass Heating Initiative
Solar Power Energy

Keep going guys !!!!