Eco Friendly

In addition to our drive and continual commitment towards sustainability we are aware of our responsibilities to be an eco-friendly business.

We have, over the last 12 months removed over 500 tonnes of label waste from landfill and sent for recovery to be used for energy. Now our focus on wastage is expanding and we are targeting paper, cardboard and plastics, this will remove a further 10 tonnes per annum from landfill and be sent for re-cycling.

Pallets, ink tubs and waste metals are all re-cycled and the business successfully reduced our Carbon Footprint by some 350 tonnes in the last year.

Olympus will continue to look at our waste streams to drive down any associated process waste and it's impact on the environment. 

We also work closely with our Suppliers and Customers to achieve a greener future through innovation and development to find the most eco-friendly and recyclable or compostable materials


Typical examples include

Bagasse is made from sugar canes waste pulp. It can be used to create wood-free paper with a finish that functions in a similar way to traditional paper materials. This paper material is made from 95% bagasse and 5% hemp and linen. It is a white, uncoated, matt material making it ideal for embossing and hot foiling.

Grape Touch is an uncoated, matt paper face stock made from 15% grape waste, 40% post-consumer recycled fibres and 45% virgin wood pulp. The grape waste is sourced from the wine industry, making Grape Touch the perfect addition to wine labels in particular!

Clean flake- with a recycling compatible adhesive designed for labelling PET bottles. The adhesive adheres to the PET bottle until the end of its life where the cohesive bond is broken at the recycling stage allowing the face stock and adhesive to cleanly separate from the PET flake. This is available in white and clear and the liner is 100% recyclable.

Bio based - the bio-based content of these films is a minimum of 95% renewable plant-based raw material which is available in white and clear. This material is predominantly used for home and personal care due to its flexibility as it is especially suitable for squeezable bottles and containers.

Natureflex - available in a clear or white film with a print receptive coating. Produced from wood pulp sourced from managed plantations, the material is bio-degradable and compostable.

Olympus Print Group are Fully accredited to BRC Global Standard for Packaging and Print Materials Issue 5; July 2015 achieving an “AA” status. We also have ISO9001; 2015 accreditation and have recently achieved FSC and PEFC St202; 2013 Chain of Custody accreditation for Forest Based Products giving real focus on our Green credentials.