Olympus Print Group are industry leaders in producing flexo labels that can be used for a wide range of products.

Flexo printing is a process which utilises a flexible plate featuring a raised image, adhered to a print cylinder. UV Ink is then used to transfer the raised image to the material. It can be used for printing on almost any type of substrate including plastic, paper, metalised, films, and various wine stocks. We can also laminate or varnish your labels for extra protection which means they’ll maintain their colour and structure in a variety of environments. 

We can print utilising up to multiple print stations, offering the very best of combination print including UV flexo, UV screen and cold foil with additional flatbed units for embossing/ debossing or hot foiling.

The main benefit of this is speed – flexo labels can be printed at speeds of up to 150 metres per minute, meaning that they’re ideal for large print runs.