Peel and Read

As the amount of information required on a label continues to increase, peel and read provides the ideal solution to meet these requirements. By spreading the necessary information across multiple pages instead of a standard single ply, it allows high volumes of text within a compact area without compromising the design with an eye-catching top layer that is peeled away from the bottom layers to reveal further information. The fast-inline process allows 3 and 5 page labels to be produced at high speed for small or high volume requirements at a commercially viable solution. 

They are the perfect answer where, for example, the label requires various language translations, a large number of ingredients or if it is vital the design should not be compromised. Proving to be increasingly popular, we have seen particular prominence within the personal care sector with products containing a large number of ingredients within a small design, for competition/ voucher codes which the customer can peel away and within the food industry where room is needed for instructions and nutritional information.

If you think peel and read could meet your label requirements, please get it touch today!